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DSX System Software Version 2 is an important new release that provides many productivity enhancements to the already robust DSX feature set. Read on to find out what we've added - and how it will help you meet your client's communications challenges.

! Important - Read Before Upgrading !

♦   Be sure to use the latest version System Administrator with the new Version 2 system software. You cannot use older admin versions to customize the new features.

♦   Email Integration requires one of the following new IntraMail CompactFlash cards: IntraMail Pro 4 Port x 16 Hour (P/N 1091051) or IntraMail Pro 8 Port x 32 Hour (P/N 1091053). To back up messages and greetings from a non-Pro IntraMail card to a new email-capable Pro version, use version 2.19 System Administrator or higher.

♦   In the new software, Routing Mailbox extension numbers begin with 801, not 001. However, software version Version 2 still allows you to use the 00x mailbox numbers if you prefer.

♦   To download the Version 2 DSX System Software and the latest System Administrator, click the link at the bottom of this page.

Click the left side of each heading below to learn what's new in Version 2 System Software.

♦   Email Integration

Receive an email notification when a new message is left in your mailbox.

Email Integration automatically sends an email notification when a DSX keyset user receives a new message in their Subscriber Mailbox. The email can optionally include the recorded message as a wav file attachment. Email Integration uses SMTP to deliver messages to the recipients email account. It does not provide synchronization, allowing the email account and the voice mailbox operate independently. You must upgrade to IntraMail Pro 4 Port x 16 Hour (P/N 1091051) or IntraMail Pro 8 Port x 32 Hour (P/N 1091053) in order to use Email Integration. Additionally, you must have a valid SMTP email account for your system.

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♦   Office Administrator PC Program

An office supervisor can quickly customize basic system features from their PC.

This includes the Time and Date options, important extension feature and voice mail options, and Speed Dial numbers. The Office Administrator also lets the supervisor customize Ring Groups and UCD Groups.

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♦   Built-In Modem

Remotely program a system using the DSX built-in modem, the System Administrator, and the modem in your PC.

The DSX built-in modem lets you use the System Administrator and the modem in your PC to remotely program a system. Securely and economically maintain and customize your installed systems without leaving your office. The DSX built-in modem is software-based and no additional equipment at the remote site is required.

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♦   Park and Page

When an outside call can’t go through, Park and Page automatically parks the call and pages the extension user.

Park and Page can automatically Park any outside call to an extension and Page the user with a prerecorded Paging Message announcing the parked call. The called extension user can then go to any telephone and use Personal Park to pick up the call. With Park and Page, IntraMail tries to locate the person instead of just sending the call to their mailbox.

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♦   Distribution Lists

Send a message to a single Distribution Mailbox and have IntraMail automatically distribute it to multiple co-workers.

A Distribution List is a list of extensions that will receive a message you record and send to a single Distribution Mailbox. Any message left in the Distribution Mailbox will be automatically sent to all the mailboxes in the list. Instead of recording the message and manually specifying a list of recipients, use a Distribution List instead.

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♦   Room Monitor

Room Monitor lets you monitor the sounds at another extension.

Use Room Monitor to monitor the sounds at another extension. A typical residential application is to use Room Monitor to listen for sounds in an infant’s room. In a commercial setting, you can use Room Monitor to monitor for activity at a reception area or warehouse entrance.

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♦   Broadcast Message

A unique message, recorded by the System Administrator, that is automatically sent as a new message to all subscribers.

A Broadcast Message is voice message that is automatically distributed to all active Subscriber Mailboxes. A Broadcast Message is typically used for important company announcements. For example, the personnel manager could record a Broadcast Message announcing an important promotion or a weather-related schedule change.

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♦   Mailbox Announcement Message

The subscriber hears the Mailbox Announcement Message each time they log into their mailbox.

The Mailbox Announcement Message is a message that plays to each subscriber when they log onto their mailbox. The message will play at each log on until it expires, is deleted, or made inactive by the System Administrator. Unlike the Broadcast Message, the Mailbox Announcement Message cannot be deleted, forwarded, or saved by the subscriber.

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♦   Super Display Light Sensitivity Adjustment

The Super Display Telephone can automatically adjust for its display to the room lighting.

The Super Display Telephone's display backlighting automatically adjusts to the room brightness. In a brightly lit room, the display will stay at its maximum backlit level. If the room light dims or goes out, the telephone’s display will automatically change to the minimum backlit level. You can match each Super Display Telephone's ambient light sensitivity to the lighting of the room in which it is installed.

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♦   Networking Enhancements

More network related enhancements streamline system setup.

Internet Time Service: Internet Time Service allows the DSX to use a server on the internet as its time source. The system is compatible with Time Protocol (RFC-868) which by default is provided by the NIST server at

DHCP Support: You can set up the DSX system to be a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client. This allows the installation site's DHCP server to automatically provide the DSX with an IP address and other important network settings.

Read more about Internet Time Service and DHCP Support . . .

♦   Additional Audio Inputs and Outputs

Additional system audio inputs and outputs now available with enhanced PGDAD Module support.

Background Music is available from one of six sources: the two audio input minijacks and one of four PGDAD Module audio ports.

Music on Hold is available from one of eight sources: two internal beep tones, two audio input minijacks, and one of four PGDAD Module audio ports.

External Paging is available through the audio output minijack and any available PGDAD Module audio port set up for External Paging.

Read more about Background Music, Door Box, Music On Hold, and Paging . . .

♦   Enhanced Prime Line with Privacy Release Groups

Enhanced for residential applications to automatically join a call in progress.

Tailored for residential applications, Prime Line and Privacy Release Groups allow you to automatically join a call in progress when you lift the handset. This will happen if the outside line is busy, the busy line is on your Prime Line key, and the extension on the call is in your Privacy Release Group.

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♦   Even More Routing Mailboxes

More Routing Mailboxes for more flexibility.

IntraMail now provides 32 Routing Mailboxes (increased from 16) which you can allocate as Call Routing, Announcement, Directory Dialing, or Distribution Mailboxes. They are assigned extension numbers 801-832, but for now you can still use numbers 001-032 if you prefer.

♦   Message Notification Setup from the System Administrator

Conveniently set up Message Notification options from the System Administrator.

You can now set up a subscriber's Message Notification options from the latest System Administrator, streamlining initial system setup.

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♦   User Programmable Maintenance Features

An on-site service technician can dial mnemonics to quickly obtain important data about the system, without having to connect the System Administrator or use telephone programming.

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