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  Change the Ringing on Your Telephone
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You can set which calls ring your telephone as well as how the ringing sounds for each call.

  • Distinctive Ringing changes the ringing sound for your incoming calls.
  • User Programmable Features let you turn ringing on and off (see below).

To turn ringing on and off (for line, Call Coverage, and Group Call Pickup keys):

  1. Do one of the following:
    - For line keys, dial #RAL (#725).
    - For Call Coverage keys, dial #RAC (#722).
    - For Group Call Pickup keys, dial #RAP (#727).
  2. Press the key to change the ringing. The flash rate shows you the ringing mode.
    - On green for Immediate Ring.
    - Slow flash green for Night Ringing (line keys only).
    - Fast flash green for Delayed Ringing.
    - On red for no ringing.
  3. Press SPEAKER to exit.

For more features you can customize from your phone, see User Programmable Features in the DSX Software Manual.

You can also use 2132-[01-64]: Line Ringing in system programming to turn ringing on and off. See Central Office Calls, Answering in the DSX Software Manual for more.


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