Message Notification, Cascading

Dials up to five telephone numbers to let the recipient know that new messages have arrived.
  • Available in software versions 3.01 and higher.
  • Requires IntraMail Pro.
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If an extension user receives a new message in their mailbox, Cascading Message Notification will call them at up to five preset destinations to let them know a new voice mail message has arrived. A destination can be an outside number (such as a cell phone, pager, or home office) or a co-worker's extension.

The Cascading Message Notification destinations are set up in the Notification Schedule. Each of the five schedule entries can be individually enabled or disabled and provides options for:
  • Type
    • Voice call or pager.
  • Start Hour
    • The time the entry becomes active.
  • End Hour
    • The time the entry becomes inactive.
  • Phone
    • The destination telephone, pager, or extension number.
  • Busy Attempts
    • The number of times the system will try the destination when it is busy. The system cancels notification callouts for this entry when the Busy Attempts or RNA Attempts number is met.
  • RNA Attempts
    • The number of times the system will try the destination when it is unanswered. The system cancels notification callouts for this entry when the RNA Attempts or Busy Attempts number is met.
  • Security
    • Enables or disables the Security Code requirement for the notification entry. For example, you may want to disable the Security Code when the entry is your cell phone. It is often inconvenient to dial digits after answering the notification callout.

How Notification Cascades

When an extension with Cascading Message Notification turned on receives a new message:
  1. The system tries the first enabled entry that is active for the current time (i.e., in-schedule).
    • The system will not try any entries that are disabled or are not in-schedule.
  2. If the destination is busy or doesn't answer, the system decrements (decreases by one) the appropriate counter.
    • If busy, this is the Busy Attempts counter.
    • If unanswered, this is the RNA Attempts counter.
  3. If neither counter has reached zero, the system waits the programmed interval and then retries the destination. (It does not yet cascade to the next destination.)
  4. As soon as either the Busy Attempts or RNA Attempts counter is zero (i.e., no attempts left), notification cascades to the next destination. It will never retry the first destination.
  5. If the notification remains unanswered (i.e., unacknowledged), this process continues until all in-schedule destinations have "zeroed out." Notification then stops.
    • A notification is considered acknowledged when the user logs into their mailbox.
  6. When the extension receives a new message in their mailbox, the process starts again.
    • Note that a new message received during a notification process will not restart notification.

Additional Notes on Cascading Message Notification

  1. IntraMail Pro
    • If the system has IntraMail instead of IntraMail Pro installed, only single destination Message Notification is available (to Notification Schedule entry 1).
  2. Maximum Number of Attempts
  3. Pager Option
    • Notification is considered complete and acknowledged when the subscriber logs onto their mailbox. Cascading will stop.

Conditions and Defaults


  • If IntraMail Pro is not installed, Message Notification provides only a single callout entry.

Default Setting

  • Disabled.

Other Related Features


  • None.

IntraMail Features

  • Security Code
    • To protect their mailbox from unauthorized access, the subscriber should be sure to record a Security Code for your mailbox before enabling Message Notification.