Direct Station Selection (DSS) Console

DSS Consoles provide one-touch access to extensions, lines, and system features.
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Programming DSS Consoles
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Direct Station Selection (DSS) Console


The DSS Console (P/N 1090024 for black and P/N 090029 for white) gives a keyset user one-button access to extensions, lines, and selected features. This saves time for users that do a lot of call processing such as operators or dispatchers)

The system allows you to install 4 DSS Consoles maximum per system. DSS Consoles use their own digital station port and do not require a separate power supply. In programming, you assign each installed console to an “owner” keyset. Each console can only have one owner.

You can assign the following types of Feature Keys to a DSS Console:
Account Code Intercom Directory Dialing Save Number Dialed
Call Coverage (immediate, delayed or no ring) Line keys Speed Dial, Personal
Call Forwarding Message Center Speed Dial, System
Group Call Pickup (immediate, delayed or no ring) Night key Split
Headset key Page Zones Voice Mail Conversation Record
Hotline Park Orbit
Skip Ahead Manual Activation Mode

Conditions and Defaults


  • You must consider the System Load Factor when installing DSS Consoles.

Default Setting

  • Keys 1-48 = Hotline keys to extensions 301-348.
  • Key 349 = Page Zone 1
  • Key 350 = Page Zone 2
  • Key 351 = Page Zone 3
  • Key 352 = All Call Page
  • Key 353 = System Park Orbit 60
  • Key 354 = System Park Orbit 61
  • Key 355 = System Park Orbit 62
  • Key 356 = System Park Orbit 63
  • Key 357 = System Park Orbit 64
  • Key 358 = System Park Orbit 65
  • Key 359 = System Park Orbit 66
  • Key 360 = Night key

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