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Unique IntraMail Dal/Night Dialing
  Application Summary

This application builds on the Separate IntraMail Day/Night Greetings application.

Now that callers are hearing a separate Automated Attendant greeting during the day and at night, the site wants to have different dialing options at night. At night, callers should only be able to dial 0 to leave a message in the mailbox for extension 300. To do this:

  • Prerecord the Instruction Menu Message for Call Routing Mailbox 808 to announce the new dialing options.
  • Change the Dial Action Table assignment and options for Call Routing Mailbox 808.
   1. Assign a unique Dial Action Table (2) to the night Call Routing Mailbox (808).
  1. In 4222-01: Dial Action Table, assign Dial Action Table 2 to Call Routing Mailbox 008.
  2. Turn to Call Routing Mailbox in the DSX Software Manual for more.
 2. Change the dialing options for the night time Dial Action Table (2).
  1. In 4231-Digit Assignment for the digits 3 and 4, enter 0 for the Action entry to prevent callers from dialing extensions at night.
  2. In 4231-Digit Assignment for the digit 0, change the Action entry to REC1 (by dialing 3) and the Data entry to 300. This allows night time callers to dial 0 to leave a message for extension 300.
  3. Also in In 4231-Digit Assignment, leave the * and # entries unchanged so that experienced users can still leave Quick Messages or do Remote Logons at night.
  4. Turn to Dial Action Table in the DSX Software Manual for more.
  5. Following the instructions in Separate IntraMail Day/Night Greetings, record a new night time Instruction Menu Message.

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