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IntraMail Day Overflow with Night Answer
  Application Summary

In this application, the site wants the IntraMail Automated Attendant to answer unanswered daytime Key Ring calls. At night, they want IntraMail to answer immediately.To do this:

  • In the day, set unanswered Key Ring calls to overflow to the Automated Attendant.
  • At night, set all incoming calls to be answered immediately by the Automated Attendant.
   1. Have unanswered Key Ring lines overflow in the day.
  1. In 3112-01: Direct Termination in the Day, make sure lines are set to Key Ring (by pressing CLEAR).
  2. In 3112-02: Enable Day Overflow, enter Yes.
  3. In 3112-03: Day Overflow Destination, enter 700 (the voice mail master number).
   2. Have the Automated Attendant answer calls at night.
  1. In 3112-04: Direct Termination at Night, enter 700.
   3. Enable at least one extension to put the system in the night mode.
  1. In 2102-01: Class of Service, check the extension’s Class of Service level.
  2. In 1402-05: Activate Night Mode, enter Yes.
    • This capability is normally reserved only for attendants.
   4. Put a System Night Key on that extension.

This allows that extension to easily put the system in the night modee.

  1. To set up a System night key on an extension, in 2121-[01 to 24]: Feature Key Codes , enter 18. For the Feature Key Data, press CLEAR.
  2. To set up a System night key on a DSS Console, in 2402-[01-60]: DSS Console Key Codes, enter 18. For the DSS Console Key Data, press CLEAR.
  3. To put the system in the night mode, press the System night key at the allowed extension.

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