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Basic IntraMail Setup

1. Enable the mailboxes for all installed extensions (not for the Built-In Automated Attendant).

  • In 2141-01: Station Mailbox Type, enter 1 to add additional IntraMail mailboxes as required. This enables a Subscriber Mailbox for the extension.
    • By default in DSX-80/160, the first 16 mailboxes are enabled (extensions 300-315).
    • By default in DSX-40, the first 8 mailboxes are enabled (extensions 300-307).

2. Set up the Automated Attendant to answer outside calls during the day.

  • In 3112-01: Direct Termination in the Day, enter 700.

3. Set up the Automated Attendant to answer outside calls at night.

  • In 3112-04: Direct Termination at Night, enter 700.

4. Check the Answer Table assignment.

  • In 3131-02: IntraMail Answer Table Assignment, check the line’s Answer Table assignment. Initially, you should leave all lines assigned to Answer Table 1.
  • See Answer Tables in the DSX Software Manual for more.

5. Review the default IntraMail answering.


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